Instagram is Picture Perfect for Hispanic Advertisers


Facebook is on a Hispanic roll. Two weeks ago the social media giant expanded their Hispanic affinity segment by 2 million, enabling advertisers to target 29.1 million Hispanics by language preference. Last week they announced that advertisers can now reach Hispanics on Instagram via paid advertising.

Universal Pictures was the first advertiser to target Hispanics on Instagram for their recent release Straight Outta Compton. The Instagram campaign likely helped Universal reach the critical Hispanic segment who is 23% more likely to purchase movie tickets than are other ethnic groups. The movie opened to over $60 million with 21% of the audience being Hispanic.

Undoubtedly, other advertisers across industries will begin to allocate dollars to target Hispanics on Instagram. Here is what they need to know.

Hispanic Instagrammers are Among the Most Active on the Platform

We know that Hispanic over-index in just about everything digital and this holds on Instagram. According to Facebook, Hispanic Instagrammers have among the highest followers / following, are 1.3 times more likely to share content, and spend nearly 60 hours per month on their smartphones two times more than the average user.

For brands looking to tell culturally relevant, visual stories to Hispanics, Instagram seems to have emerged as a perfect canvas.

Hispanic Instagrammers are Young and Bilingual

According to Facebook, there are a total of 9.6 million Hispanics on Instagram, all of whom are mobile and approximately 65% are millennial. From a language preference perspective, here is how Hispanic Instagram users break down based on Facebook Hispanic affinity segments:

  • 3.7 million are bilingual (39%)
  • 3.4 million prefer English (35%)
  • 2.5 million prefer Spanish (36%)

Instagram users tend to be young and as a result, Hispanic Instagram users are younger and more bilingual when compared to Hispanic Facebook users.

Instagram Offers Multiple Memorable Advertising Units

In their 2015 Fall advertising guide, Instagram reports that campaigns on Instagram had an ad recall lift 2.8 times higher than other online advertising and that 97% of campaigns saw significant lift in ad recall. Advertisers can target Hispanics on Instagram across a variety of ad units including:

  • Image ads to tell a visual story
  • Link ads to drive traffic
  • Carousel ads to tell a richer story
  • Video ads to add movement to creative
  • App download ads to drive mobile downloads

By rolling out the ability to target Hispanics on Instagram, Facebook has given advertisers another sound way to reach the highly desirable Hispanic millennial segment and in this case, a picture is worth much more than a thousand words.


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