Captura Group Supports Latino Business With “Ilumina” Marketing Grant


For 20 years Captura Group has focused on connecting and uplifting the Hispanic community. We celebrate the unique cultural identities of the communities we serve and always strive to support them through our work.

Our role as a Hispanic and digital-first advertising agency is to help other businesses grow. We believe that as businesses do well, there’s a positive effect on communities and the economy: more employment, more wealth, and more prosperous society. As a minority and woman-owned business, we are proud partners of Support Latino Business, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Latino-owned businesses in the U.S. 

As part of our ongoing support for Support Latino Business, we are proud to sponsor the Ilumina Latino Business Marketing Grant – through the grant, we will provide one Latino(a) business with $4,000 worth of Captura Group marketing services and $1,000 cash.

Are you a Latino business owner?  

Apply for the Ilumina Latino Business Marketing Grant today!

Molly finds opportunities for Hispanic market growth, and partners brands with Captura Group's services to drive business acceleration.

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