Dissecting Ad Age’s 2009 Hispanic Fact Pack


I was excited to have the opportunity to contribute to Ad Age’s 2009 Hispanic Fact pack that was released this week. As digital continues to represent a key part of the Hispanic marketing mix, Captura Group will continue to conduct research and provide insights into the online behavior of Hispanics. I have always been a fan of Ad Age’s Hispanic Fact Pack and find it to be a valuable for our company and clients.

Here are some key highlights from an Hispanic Online perspective.

Hispanic Internet Advertising Spending Remains Strong

2008 saw advertisers invest $225.5 million on online advertisements directed towards Hispanic consumers. This represents a healthy growth rate of 25% over 2007. Compare this to total US Hispanic ad spending growth of 1.9% and total US ad spending that declined 4.1% in 2008. Although the Hispanic Internet market seems to have weathered the economic storm, it still only represents 5.6% of all measured media ad spending against Hispanics. To me these figures indicate that we have plenty of room to grow and will see advertisers continue to allocate incremental dollars to reach Hispanics online.

Hispanics Like Facebook as Much as MySpace

Some of our previous Hispanic social media research has pointed to a strong affinity among Hispanics for social media and this has been confirmed in a spring 2009 survey conduced by Captura Group, Dr. Felipe Korzenny, the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communications at Florida State University and DMS research. Data from this recent study, published in the 2009 Ad Age Hispanic Fact Pack, indicates that 41% of online Hispanics visit both Facebook and MySpace regularly. When you look at the data by language preference, Facebook has the edge among English preferring Hispanics with 44% of them visiting the site regularly vs. 41% for MySpace. That being said, as of today, there are about 1.4 million Spanish preferring Hispanics in the US who have Facebook accounts, significantly more than the 1 million I reported back in May. Furthermore, Spanish preferring Hispanics have a strong affinity for Hi5 and Tagged.com with 29% and 11% visiting each site respectively compared to only 6% and 5% for online Hispanics who prefer English.

The Future for Hispanic Online Marketing Looks Bright

I remain bullish on the Hispanic Online Market and feel that the data from the 2009 Ad Age Hispanic Fact Pack support this point of view. In addition, as I wrote back in January, we have the 2010 census around the corner, the Obama factor and increasing research are proving that Hispanics are one of the most social groups online.

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  1. Spanish SEO

    Good to know growth remains strong..I find the stats to hold true in the Spanish internet marketing department given the steady proposal requests Ive received thus far

  2. Latinminds

    Great learnings and very empowering to know that the Hispanic market is diving more and more into social media. Of course the majority of this percentage is represented by youth, which is a great P.O.E into the rest of the consumers.

  3. Belmore Browne

    Thanks for the succinct insight. Mirrors what my gut is telling me.

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  5. Joe Kutchera

    Lee – Great post. Amazing that Hispanic online spending is only 5.6% but the good news is that that portion of spending will surely reach double digits as it has in the general market. Also, couldn’t we call this the perfect Hispanic storm? “We have the 2010 census around the corner, the Obama factor and increasing research are proving that Hispanics are one of the most social groups online.”

  6. Megan Lopez

    Yeah, I agree to Latinminds. Big part in it is Hispanic teen marketing wherein Facebook and other social networking sites are now very popular and almost everyone have it. Good to hear that!

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