¡Háblame! Talk to me! How to Grab a Slice of the Hispanic Millennial Action


An increasingly receptive market with high purchasing power is just one tap and a swipe away: Hispanic millennials are willing to listen, share and buy anything within their mobile device’s digital space. Because Hispanic millennials engage so well with mobile content, mobile devices are prime real estate for marketers wanting to reach them. Read through for two surefire ways to cut through the noise and grab a slice of the Hispanic millennial action.


Speak their culture, not just their language

US Hispanic millennials have grown to represent 78% of the total Hispanic population increase in the last five years, (“From the Ballot Box”, Nielsen, 2016 ).This means that they are exceedingly ambicultural and bilingual. Hence, when it comes to speaking to US Hispanic millennials, one size does NOT fit all.

One the biggest motivations for USH millennials to use mobile devices is not only to stay connected to family and friends but to maintain close ties with their culture. Therefore, finding the cultural nuances that will connect with each Hispanic audience is key. Brands need to dig deeper into the target audience to find out where they lie within the bilingual and cultural spectrum, whether it be an all English communication with a cultural wink or full on Spanglish. Marketers need to go beyond translating general market executions and authentically connect with each specific Hispanic audience: bicultural, ambicultural, Spanish or English preferring.


Reach them through video via social platforms

Facts for US Hispanic millennials: they dominate mobile video; and they engage with the right content on social media more than their non-Hispanic counterparts, (“US-Based Hispanic”, PwC, 2016). Knowing this, the formula for marketers is simple: produce the right content that will spark an authentic connection with USH millennials and disseminate it on video via social media channels. A social channel such as YouTube could just be this faithful audience’s sweet spot, here a USH Millennial eye and ear will be ready for any brand’s message.


There is a golden opportunity for brands to reach US Hispanic millennials via social mobile platforms. However, reaching out authentically is key, with content that focuses on cultural nuances to increase relatability. This will yield a captive audience willing to interact and walk with the brand down the path to purchase.

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