3 Facebook Ad Units You Probably Haven’t Tried…


…and what makes them ideal for targeting U.S. Hispanics.

Hispanics are mobile super-users, this we know. A 2016 study from Pew Research Center confirms this: “Overall, 80% of Latino adults say they access the internet via a mobile device at least occasionally.”

Hispanics also over-index on digital video usage. As Yahoo notes, “While TV viewership fell by 7% from 2014 to 2015, time spent on mobile video has increased by 53%. Over 94% of Spanish-dominant Hispanics now rely on mobile devices to watch online video!”

Hispanic Millennials are also digital early-adopters. Millennials as a whole are the first generation to grow up entirely in the age of the internet, making them digital-savvy at the highest level. But while all Millennials are using their increased connectivity for greater influence, Hispanic Millennials are doing so at a rate that outpaces their peers.

What do these groups have in common, besides including one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S.? Each of them is a perfect fit for targeting with the following underused Facebook ad units.

Facebook Canvas Ad

As experts in Hispanic online marketing, we often hear General Market focused brands say they’ve read the research and are ready to jump in on Spanish language digital media. But where would they send users, if not a full Spanish language website? Facebook has provided an end-to-end solution with Canvas ads.

Canvas allows advertisers to create a custom mobile experience by directing ad clicks to a standalone in-app microsite. Canvas experiences are designed to be just that – experiences – inviting people to tilt to view panoramic images, swipe to explore carousels of images or zoom in to view details. These Canvas “microsites” can be linked to any other type of ad format such as video, carousel or image ads. This leaves advertisers free to test the waters of a bilingual or Spanish site, without the high production costs.

Facebook 360 Video Ad

Creative agencies are often tasked to create compelling video ad units for social, but how can we go beyond thumb-stopping and move into thumb-engaging? Enter Facebook 360 Video ads. This unit lets users explore stories, places, and experiences from a complete 360-degree view, giving more creative freedom to brands advertising anything from new products to amazing destinations. As with any ad targeting Hispanics, the relationship with the viewer and how you treat your subject is a crucial element to consider. If you thought cultural relevancy was important before…

Facebook Live Ad

Okay, okay – you probably haven’t tried this one because it’s still in beta. In February, Facebook announced it would be widening the beta test of ad breaks in Facebook Live videos. Facebook Live video ads, which may be up to 15 seconds, now will be open to Pages or Profiles in the U.S. if they have at least 2,000 followers and have hit 300 or more concurrent viewers in a recent live video. An easy benchmark for emerging Hispanic influencers for example.

As we mentioned in a previous blog, live streaming is gearing up to be the New Thing, and Hispanics are of course at the forefront. Generationally, young and Millennial Hispanics (ages 10 to 34) are moving away from traditional TV and opting for their smartphones to watch videos and use apps, more than any other ethnic group. Ad dollars should move with them.

While we move into end-of-the-year planning, if Facebook is on your media plan as a social tactic targeting Hispanics, consider these underused and under-appreciated ad units to bring a new, fresh ad experience that stands out and is memorable to consumers.

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