Big brands celebrate Día de los Reyes on Facebook


A few months ago I discussed the launch of Facebook’s Hispanic affinity cluster and how it opened up a new and powerful opportunity for brands to engage with U.S. Hispanics. Earlier this week, many Hispanics celebrated Día de los Reyes (Three Kings’ Day) and when I saw my Facebook feed on this traditional Hispanic holiday, it was clear that big brands are starting to take advantage of that opportunity.

To recap, the Facebook Hispanic affinity cluster allows marketers to target Hispanics on Facebook in a precise and cost effective way. In November 2013, the cluster consisted of 22 million Hispanics Facebook users and that number has jumped to just over 25 million in January 2014.

Facebook has aggregated a critical mass of U.S. Hispanics and provides advanced tools for reaching them. However, to successfully reach this audience and drive business objectives, it is increasingly important for brands to cut through the clutter with communications that are engaging and culturally relevant.

How brands are doing just this was crystal clear this Día de los Reyes as my Facebook news feed came alive. Mixed in with posts from my friends of “Roscas de Reyes”, baby Jesus and pictures of family gatherings were several posts by brands (including some that Captura Group worked on) tapping into this rich cultural traditional.

Here are some examples of these posts that illustrate how big brands are capitalizing the opportunity to engage with U.S. Hispanics on Facebook in a culturally relevant way.

Disney Latino – Offered up a Día de los Reyes post featuring the Magic Kingdom’s most popular mice in traditional Latino garb.













Unilever’s Vive Mejor – Captured the key moment of anticipation at any Día de Los Reyes party with an image and engaging question: “Who got the baby Jesus in your house?

Kraft’s Comida Kraft – Promoted a highly relevant rosca de reyes recipe with this Día de Los Reyes post.

Nissan Español – Integrated three vehicle models in their Facebook update with this custom graphic.

Kellogg’s Días Grandiosos – Showcased how to make the Three Kings out of Pringles cans with this culturally relevant Facebook post.

P&G’s Orgullosa – Went a more traditional route with this unbranded post of the three kings.

Ford en Español – Opted for a traditional and religious angle with this bilingual Facebook post.

When looking at the engagement of these Día de Los Reyes Facebook posts, it seems like they resonated quite well with U.S. Hispanics.

These kinds of posts will become even more critical as brands will have increasingly more options to reach Hispanics who will be increasingly bombarded with advertising messages.

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  1. Fernando Rodríguez

    So happy to see that the Ford 3 Kings Card that MCG Latino, the Hispanic practice area of Moore Communications Group, designed was included in your article. At MCG Latino, we strive to make our clients, such as Ford Motor Company, more in-tune and engaged with the Hispanic community. On a smaller scale, we developed an Instagram campaign called #3KingsTlh where we “followed” the Wise Men on their journey through Tallahassee, Fl. We invite you to view and share the photos at #3KingsTlh. ¡Que viva la tradición!

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