Brands can look to the Government to respond to Hispanic mobile users


2013 has been the year of the Hispanic mobile user.  Study after study has confirmed that U.S. Hispanics are embracing mobile devices in record numbers and using them religiously.  The Federal Reserve recently found that 60% of Hispanics have smartphones vs. 50% of non-Hispanic Whites.  What’s more, the study found that Hispanics are active on their smartphones and specifically “show a disproportionately high rate of adoption of mobile banking”.

Based on strong Hispanic mobile usage, it is not surprising that brands are clamoring to reach Hispanics on their mobile devices.  What is surprising is how the U.S. Government is taking the lead.

Here is a quick rundown of noteworthy U.S. Government mobile initiatives targeted to U.S. Hispanics:

The success of ObamaCare hinges largely on Hispanics who are more likely to be young, uninsured and active on mobile devices and it is clear that the Government understands this.   To educate Hispanics on the new health care laws, the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid launched a, a comprehensive and fully responsive website to educate and enroll Hispanics in ObamaCare.   The digital initiative also includes a Twitter account, Facebook page, YouTube channel and dedicated toll free number which are all mobile friendly.

The General Services Administration recently announced the launch of a fully responsive version of, the official Spanish language portal of the U.S. Government.  By going responsive, GSA is not only meeting the needs of millions of Spanish speaking constituents, but also saving taxpayer dollars as responsive websites are more efficient to maintain.  Complementing the mobile friendly website, engages with Hispanics through a robust social platform that includes Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and a dedicated toll free number.

Seguro Social

The Social Security Administration is also reaching out to Hispanic mobile users.  Early this year the administration launched a responsive version of their website in Spanish.  The mobile friendly website provides valuable interactive services including the ability to create an account to view and manage benefits and a benefits calculator.  Spanish speakers can also keep up with the latest from Social Security on Twitter and Facebook.

Other Spanish Language U.S. Government Mobile Initiatives

In addition to the initiative highlighted above, many other U.S. Government agencies have Spanish language mobile programs across various topics and services including:

Brands looking to engage with with the nation’s largest minority should look at mobile as an opportunity and look to the Government for inspiration.

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