Big media captures the English preferring Hispanic online market


In January of 2012, I wrote a piece on how digital publishers were addressing the English preferring Hispanic market. At that time, traditional media players were being challenged by nimble upstarts who saw a clear demand for Latino-themed content in English. Today, that dynamic has shifted with large publishers vaulting ahead of the upstarts and simultaneously demonstrating the viability of the English Hispanic online market.

I must say that I am not at all surprised by this shift. True, upstarts can be more nimble and be first movers, but big media enjoy advantages that are hard for start ups to overcome. First, large publishers have well-established relationships with advertisers and the media buying agencies that represent them. In addition, big companies have significant resources that can be deployed to build digital platforms, hire writers and drive traffic. That said, in today’s world of efficient publishing and social media, upstarts will continue to play an important role in a market that they played a key role in creating.

How publishers targeting English speaking Hispanics have fared.

The following analysis shows how publishers targeting Latinos in English have fared since I did the analysis in January 2012. At the top of the list are big media companies who are driving strong growth among English preferring online Hispanics. (Website data comes from and represents highest number of monthly unique visitors in 2013 if available. Growth is from January 2012 if available.)

Fox News Latino
• Website: 732,000, n/a
• Facebook: 80,000, +111%
• Twitter: 31,000, +245%

• Website: 186,000, +24%
• Facebook: 342,000, +165%
• Twitter: 69,000, +245%

NBC Latino
• Website: 158,000, n/a
• Facebook: 48,000, n/a
• Twitter: 15,500, +7,650%

Univision News
• Website: n/a
• Facebook: 15,000, +650%
• Twitter: 88,500, +205%

MTV Tr3s
• Website: 84,000, -16%
• Facebook: 88,000, +35%
• Twitter: 67,000, +235%

Being Latino – Upstart
• Website: > 10,000, -9%
• Facebook: 108,000, +66%
• Twitter: 12,000, +118%

Guanabee – Upstart
• Website: 36,000, -77%
• Facebook: 3,000, +20%
• Twitter: 2,400, +4%

New publishers targeting English preferring Hispanics online

In addition to these publishers, new players have emerged including a couple of upstarts and one large publisher. Below is a rundown on this group that includes Voxxi, Latino Rebels and MSN “Latizine”.

Voxxi – Upstart
• Website: 72,000
• Facebook: 16,000
• Twitter: 6,500

Latino Rebels – Upstart
• Website: 22,000
• Facebook: 37,600
• Twitter: 15,000

MSN Latizine
• Website: 29,000
• Facebook: 300
• Twitter: n/a

When I take a look at this market a year from now, I am sure that growth rates will continue as more advertising dollars flow to target English preferring Hispanics. I also anticipate many new publishers jumping into this space and anticipate the emergence of many English sites aimed at Latinos within topical niches such as sports, business, technology, food, beauty and fashion among others.

If you know of a publisher targeting Hispanics in English, let me know!

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