It’s time for brands to join the Social Revolución


There are countless brands out there asking themselves the following question?

Is it time to invest in the Hispanic online market?

The answer is a resounding YES and brands should look no further than The Social Revolución to understand why.

The Social Revolución awards recognize Hispanics utilizing digital media to create and inspire change, influence cultural shifts and trends, and drive local causes. In its second year, The Social Revolución is the official Latino event of the hugely popular South By Southwest Interactive Festival that will take place this March in Austin, Texas.

Not only is The Social Revolución an important awards program, it is a symbol for what is happening in the Hispanic online market and a great opportunity for brands to see first hand how Hispanics are using the Internet to mobilize, learn and spread their ideas.

Last year over 140 individuals were nominated for The Social Revolución awards and many more are expected this year as Latinos continue to play a significant part in the digital ecosphere.

I am proud to be one of the judges of the 2013 The Social Revolución awards and invite brands to see the Hispanic online market first hand by checking out and voting for the nominees across three categories.

• The New Americano (influencing cultural shits online)
• The Mobilizer (mobilizing causes online)
• The Innovator (leveraging new technology to drive change)

Nominees include activists who use the Internet to mobilize their communities for such causes as immigration reform, marketers who use digital media to bring brands to the Hispanic online community, in addition to some of country’s top Hispanic social media professionals.

For brands thinking about investing in the Hispanic online market, The Social Revolución will provide a tangible glimpse into what is happening every day in the Hispanic market. Millions of Latino consumers are leading a revolution, turning to the Internet to communicate, learn about brands, express their views and drive change.

Take some time to get to know the people and organizations behind The Social Revolución, the nominees, judges and allies. Look at their faces, follow the tweets, read their profiles, watch their videos and you will quickly see and feel a passionate movement, a movement that you cannot afford to ignore.

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