FBI Aims to Build Trust Among Hispanics


Recognizing the importance of the Hispanic population in the United States, the FBI engaged Captura Group to develop and implement a Hispanic online strategy to achieve the following key objectives:

• Build awareness and trust for the FBI among US Hispanics
• Educate online Hispanics on how and when to contact the FBI
• Produce and distribute resources to educate Hispanics on common fraud and crimes

Hispanic Online Solution

To most efficiently achieve the objectives of the campaign, Captura Group worked with the FBI to develop a Hispanic online strategy that consisted of two main elements:

1. FBI Spanish Website: A Spanish language experience was created on FBI.gov by leveraging existing technology.

The landing page includes the following components:

Home page outlining the FBI’s mission, high level information about contacting the FBI and recent blog posts

Contact the FBI page that contains detailed instructions for contacting the FBI
Spanish language blog we used existing FBI content to develop a weekly

Spanish-language articles featuring tips on how to avoid common fraud and crimes

2. Hispanic Digital PR: We leveraged our Contenido Latino Hispanic content syndication platform to place Spanish-language FBI articles on leading Hispanics websites.

FBI Spanish-language article on Univision.com


The FBI’s Hispanic online strategy was launched on January 20, 2011 and has proven to be extremely successful in achieving the objectives set forth above. To date, the Hispanic online strategy has driven the following results:

• 150,000 page views on the FBI’s Spanish website
• 24 Spanish language articles developed and published
• Over 200 placements of Spanish-language FBI articles on leading Hispanic websites including Univision.com, MSN Latino, AOL Latino, Terra.com and many others.

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