Captura Group Pulls a JLo


Although some may find this post a bit self-serving, I feel that this story is reflective of the massive influence Hispanics are having on the United States. Indulge me while I tell you about the evolution of our company from a Hispanic digital agency to an agency that now executes both Hispanic and general market work.

A passion for Hispanic culture and the Internet was the catalyst for founding Captura Group in 2001. When we started, the Hispanic online market barely existed. Today, Hispanics account for 14% of the US online market and are leading the way in their usage of social media and mobile technology. Our company grew up with the Hispanic online market and we have had the privilege of helping great companies, government entities, and non-profits reach this growing and vibrant segment.

A couple of years ago, we had the opportunity to present a Hispanic social media strategy for one of our clients, Our presentation caught the attention of the higher ups at GSA (the government agency that manages and we were asked if we could also support the English language social media for In a world where general market initiatives have tended to shape Hispanic initiatives rather than vice versa, this request was quite refreshing and rewarding.

We said yes, and just like JLo, we crossed over. Since then, our Hispanic business has flourished and we have also been able to diversity the company and provide “general market” services as well. Captura Group continues to be a leading Hispanic online marketing agency, and we now execute world class “general market” digital services under the brand Measured Voice.

There has been significant debate on this blog and within our industry about the future of Hispanic agencies. From where I sit the future is bright. Thanks to the Hispanic market, Captura Group was in a position to cross over and become stronger. As US Hispanics have become even more important, the same is the case for Hispanic agencies as our work gets more visibility among key decision makers.

Hispanic marketers not only work with the nation’s largest minority, they also offer a unique set of tools that are becoming essential in today’s marketplace. Hispanic agencies understand how to communicate in multiple languages, across different levels of acculturation and to a group of people from varied countries of origin.

In essence, we understand how to market in today’s America.

Just like JLo does.

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