Dr. Felipe Korzenny Joins Captura Group


Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises


Seven years ago, I had just founded Captura Group, a Hispanic online solutions firm, when I was invited to speak at the Hispanic Internet Summit in Puerto Rico with Dr. Felipe Korzenny. I admired Dr. Korzenny’s thought leadership and incorporated many of his principles of in-language and in-culture communications into Captura Group’s Hispanic online approach.

Our personal and professional relationship grew throughout the years, and I have been delighted to learn how much we have in common despite our 25 year age difference.

First, we are both techies, a term of endearment I reserve for a select few who are passionate about technology and understand how it can improve life and impact business. Felipe and I are both chilangos, natives of Mexico City, a place that factors prominently into our personal values and professional careers. Most importantly, however, is that Felipe and I share a passion for people – he as a researcher and me as someone who is fascinated by consumer behavior.

I combined my passion for technology with my Hispanic upbringing and interest in consumer behavior when I founded Captura Group to help organizations understand the needs of Hispanic online consumers and create compelling online experiences that provide value to individuals while accomplishing business objectives. Over the years, Felipe and I have collaborated on many projects for varied clients to successfully accomplish this goal.

Now, I am excited to name Dr. Felipe Korzenny Senior Strategy Consultant to Captura Group

Dr. Korzenny’s involvement with Captura Group will enable marketers to create insight-driven, compelling online experiences to reach the Hispanic population that we are both so passionate about.

A chance meeting 7 years ago gave me a great friend and mentor, and now a colleague. I am honored to call Felipe my compadre and excited to work with him and our clients in shaping the future of Hispanic online marketing.

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  1. Dr. Fausto Izcaray

    Congratulations to Captura Group. I’m sure this outstanding human talent you have acquired will be one of the most important strengths your company will have from now on. Dr. Korzenny is the most distinguished researcheer and analysts of the hispanic marketing discipline in America.
    Fausto S. Izcaray, Ph.D.
    Communication Scholar and Consultant

  2. Dan Austin

    Congratulations. Very good synergy and credibility not to mention East Coast and West Coast connections.

    Dan Austin

  3. John Doscher

    CONGRATULATIONS! Felipe is a leader in Hispanic, Multicultural and Transcultural marketing and always provides opinion and direction that you can trust. This is a terrific partnership with one of the most respected people in our business…

    John Doscher
    Partner / Chief Strategy Officer
    Brandthread, Inc.
    Spark // The Cartel Group
    1000 5th Street, Suite 200
    Miami Beach, FL 33139
    Office: 305.357.0614
    Cell: 954.294.2841
    Email: john@brandthread.com
    Visit us at: http://www.brandthread.com
    Tempe | San Antonio | Miami
    23 Affiliated Agencies Serving 20 Countries Throughout Latin America and The Caribbean
    2008 AdAge Top 100 U.S. Ad Agency

  4. David Hoover

    Congratulations Lee to you and your team. I am familiar with Dr. Korzenny’s research and know this will be a valuable addition to your company!!

    Finest regards,

    David Hoover
    US Media Consulting

  5. Yvette De Jesus

    Hi Lee,

    I was honored to meet Felipe at the dinner you coordinated during the Hispanic Online Marketing summit in Florida earlier this year. I had heard about him since he heads the Center for the Study of Hispanic Marketing Communication at the Florida State Universality. I have read his Hispanic Marketing book and some of his research findings. He is definitely a great resource for your company!

    Best regards,

    Yvette De Jesús
    Multicultural Marketing Manager

  6. Mitch Posada

    I’m truly excited for this development and look forward to working more with Captura Group and being a part of its future success!

    Managing Director
    Grupo Entrada

  7. Eric Feinberg


    I am glad to see you officially launching this. This is a truly game-changing addition to your team. Thought leadership coupled with creative/operational excellence is a winning combination. Well done.

    Eric Feinberg
    ForeSee Results

  8. Arturo Villar

    Congratulations Lee and Felipe. It looks like a most promising alliance that will benefit the market, especially those who are considering their entrance and need expert advice and action.

    Un abrazo,

  9. Fernando Alvarez

    Congratulations on the new addition to your team!!!

    My very best,

  10. William J. P. Smith, Jr.

    You have the best in the business. Felipe’s reputation preceeds him, and he pays it off in real-time right to the bottom line. And what’s just as good, his engaging sense of humor brightens the marketing opportunity in a process that is frought with challenges in uncharted waters. Additionally, ask one of his students at Florida State University about their time with Felipe. The combination of academia and time in the trenches brings applause, as they get a real sense of what’s it like in the corporate arena.
    Congratulations in a no-lose pairing.

    William J. P. Smith, Jr.
    Huckleberry Finn Tomorrow
    An IMC Consultancy

  11. Harry Neuhaus

    Felicidades y enhorabuena to both Felipe and Captura. This is a fantastic alliance that will undoubtedly benefit the US Hispanic online industry.

    I wish you all continued success and look forward to working with you.


    Harry Neuhaus
    LATV Networks

  12. Cathy Colmenares

    ¡Felicidades! What exciting news for you both and for the entire market. Looking forward to working together in the new year!

    Felices fiestas y muchos saludos,
    Cathy Colmenares

    Senior Director, Digital Media
    Todobebé Inc.

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