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A Brand as a Top Content Provider to Hispanics? Portada Says “Sí” to Días Grandiosos con Kellogg’s

September 19th, 2014 by Lee Vann No Comments

In a sign of how much our industry is evolving, a brand — not a media company— has won the prestigious Portada Award as a Top Content Provider to Hispanic Audiences.

When I founded Captura Group in 2001, I saw a tangible opportunity for brands to engage directly with online Hispanics through culturally relevant content to drive business objectives. Over the years, Captura Group has had blazed the trail by executing successful Hispanic content marketing programs for many of our clients.

I am proud to announce that Captura Group’s client, Dias Grandiosos con Kellogg’s, has been recognized as the Top Content Provider to Hispanic Audiences by Portada.

Días Grandiosos is Kellogg’s cross-brand Hispanic content marketing program that takes a fresh approach to reaching and connecting with Hispanic families through stories about food, family and culture from real Latina moms. The site features recipes, tips, articles, and original content designed for Latinas and their families.  By engaging Hispanic consumers through an authentic brand journalism approach,  Días Grandiosos will build long-term relationships with a consumer segment that is critical for growth.

Recognition for the work we do on behalf of our clients are always rewarding, but this win is particularly significant as it validates a vision we had a long time ago. We are grateful to our client-partner Kellogg’s for sharing our progressive approach to connecting with online Hispanics through a content marketing program, to our Captura Group team for concepting and executing it, and to Portada for validating it with this award.

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