It Might Be Time for You to Reset Your Multicultural Marketing Strategy


If your approach to Multicultural Marketing was to embark on a Total Market solution, it might be time to hit the reset button. Potentially misunderstood or wrongly applied, Total Market has become a framework that is far from helping marketers do more culturally relevant work. It has produced watered down, sometimes irrelevant – sometimes offensive, campaigns.

By trying to speak to everyone using the same creative, brands ended up losing relevance. Former Facebook CMO and marketing legend Antonio Lucio explains “Marketers are taking the average of the average of the average to create this single message that is directed to this hypothetical consumer that has nothing to do with the real consumer who is consuming our products”.

At Captura Group, we have been strong believers that culture matters when reaching Hispanic consumers. We have operated from this core belief since our foundation in 2001, and have seen that unlocking cultural insights for our campaigns has consistently helped our clients grow their business. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to have contributed to a provocative and necessary report published by the ANA Alliance of Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM). The Power of a Modern Marketing Reset report is a challenge to all marketers to hit the reset button and start doing Multicultural Marketing the right way: by starting from culturally relevant insights.

And there’s plenty of data to support this challenge. AIMM has developed the “Cultural Insights Impact Measure”, or “CIMMTM ”, which measures the impact of culture in ads and programming. For example, CIIMTM findings show that ads perceived to have more cultural relevance enhance brand perception (2X), increase brand effectiveness (2X-3X) and lift purchase intent (3X).

At Captura Group we can help your brand connect in a culturally relevant manner with the Hispanic consumer.

Reset Your Multicultural Marketing Strategy with Captura Group

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