A new Hispanic segmentation model is here, know it!—Meet the Savvy Blenders


The U.S. Hispanic market is ever evolving, so your Hispanic market strategy should evolve with it to stay ahead of your competitors.  In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we partnered with Culturati Research to share a new Hispanic segmentation model that will help you and your brand create and enhance meaningful connections with Hispanic consumers.  This segmentation model is attitude-based and goes beyond language and demographics. It goes deeper, is non-linear and takes values, mindset and consumer behavior into account.

The Hispanic segmentation consists of four distinct segments within the U.S. Hispanic market.

  • Savvy Blenders
  • Ameri-Fans
  • Latinistas
  • Heritage Keepers

Meet the Savvy Blenders

Below we introduce you to the Savvy Blenders segment and will be exploring the other segments in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more by signing up for our newsletter.



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