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Welcome to Captura Group’s “Meet Our Team” series, a chance for us to profile a member of our team and give you a glimpse into the minds and backgrounds of the people that make Captura Group thrive. See our other profiles here.

Today millennials make up one of the strongest segments in the marketplace; Forbes estimates that almost 25% of them are Hispanic. To connect successfully with Hispanics, be it millennials or any other segment, marketing efforts must be rooted in thorough research and ironclad analytical insights.

Today we sit with Diego, our very own millennial data scientist who makes sure campaigns at Captura Group have an analytical foundation to ensure proper strategy development, metrics throughout the project’s life cycle, and learnings to foster continuous improvement and growth.

Hi Diego, introduce yourself by giving us a peek into your background. Where were you born, where was your childhood spent, what did you enjoy as a kid?

I was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, where growing up was lively, joyful, and free. I was a very typical Hispanic kid with a big family. We all lived within a 10 mile radius, and loved to spend time together cooking traditional foods from Uruguay. Soccer was also a huge part of my childhood. My family can confirm that I always had a pelota de fútbol wherever I went; I’ve seen the photos! When I was 11 years old, my family decided to start a new journey in the United States, and I adapted and assumed the role of truly becoming bicultural and bilingual.

How did your background shape your career direction, if at all?

I believe my background directly shaped my career direction. My desire to represent my language and culture and my passion for marketing came together quite nicely as I embarked on my career in Hispanic marketing.

What interested you about the Analytics field specifically?

It is focused on results and driven by numbers, just like soccer, and just like me! You are exposed to tons of data and can gather information that will directly impact results moving forward. I love turning data into a meaningful story that resonates with our clients and their consumers; this is what motivates me every day as an Analytics professional.

Nice. What would you say is the best part of your position at Captura Group?

Variety. I enjoy the fact that every day is different. Working for a smaller agency means that you get to wear multiple hats and develop comprehensive problem-solving skills as you take on responsibilities beyond your given position. As you work on honing the skills within your discipline, you grow in other areas at the same time and ultimately contribute to the team across the board.

What role do you think data and insights play when it comes to successfully marketing to U.S. Hispanics?

Data and insights are the foundation of any strategy and, consequently, of any campaign.  To reach the Hispanic audience successfully, you need to know where they are, what they are doing, how they interact both on and offline, what their cultural norms are, and even what language they prefer. It is such a strong and growing market that staying on top of trends and recent changes will drive the success of any marketing efforts. There is an abundance of data about the U.S. Hispanic market. Knowing the nuances of this demographic is what allows you to turn that data into insights that reach, connect and engage your Hispanic audience.

Well said, do you have any advice for marketers or general market brands looking to use data and/or insights to reach online U.S. Hispanics? What should they look at first?

My advice would be to not make any assumptions, and dive deeper into the Hispanic culture when looking to reach U.S. Hispanics. Research, research, research. Then, understand what the data is telling you to extract your insights and make decisions. And resist the temptation to make assumptions; the next generation of U.S. Hispanics is more complex than the norm, and is looking for new opportunities and new avenues to explore while staying true to their heritage.

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