The Do’s and Don’ts to Upping Your U.S. Hispanic Mobile Game


Integrating a mobile strategy into your brand’s messaging is essential when looking to connect with the 55 million Hispanics in the U.S. that spend over $1.5 trillion per year. Relative to the general market, U.S. Hispanics have embraced mobile technology at higher rates, according to a Pew Research Center report. Be sure that your brand follows the below do’s and don’ts to ensure success:

Do- Think “mobile-first” across the digital ecosystem.

The majority of U.S. Hispanics will engage with your brand via their mobile device; as such, the entire consumer journey must mobile-friendly, including websites, banners, videos and social creative.

Don’t- Plan without a true understanding of the target consumer and their channels of receptivity.

Have a clear communication strategy built to specifically target the desired consumer with mobile as part of the mix. Instead of just looking at general U.S. Hispanic social penetration, consider that channel selection may vary, and adjust accordingly.

Do- Develop multi-screen and video-neutral campaigns.

Capitalize on the fact that U.S. Hispanics are more inclined to use their mobile device as a second screen by incorporating a digital CTA within your traditional TV spot. A video-neutral approach will effectively deliver on cross-channel communication goals.

Don’t- Bite off more than you can chew.

Reaching U.S. Hispanics on mobile doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on fewer high-impact tactics to maximize ROI and resist the urge to jump into the latest and greatest without careful consideration and research.

Do- Ensure creative is eye-catching and “thumb-stopping.”

Focus your message for a smaller screen. Engaging creative breaks through via cultural relevance, but it also must have a clear CTA. Design should be optimized for a touch experience with elements large enough for consumer interaction. Videos need to be quick to grab attention and should stand alone without sound..

Don’t- Just translate general market creative

As mobile is a dynamic platform, and U.S. Hispanics are always on the go, catching their attention is critical.  Simply translating general market creative may not cut through the clutter. Instead, develop original culturally relevant creative or adapt general market creative to best connect with this audience.

Hispanics engage in social media, consume video, and surf the net on their mobile devices more than the general market. Therefore, targeting U.S. Hispanics on mobile is a must for today’s digital marketer. How will you attempt to reach the mobile-first demographic?

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