Choosing a Hispanic Digital Agency


As we have discussed extensively on this blog, Hispanics are the largest minority in the United States and the most active and engaged segment online. Savvy brands should be targeting the Hispanic digital consumer to drive growth and should do so in partnership with a Hispanic marketing agency that has a specific expertise in digital marketing to U.S. Hispanics.

Brands should consider the following factors when selecting a Hispanic digital agency:

1. Intimate Hispanic Consumer Understanding
The consumer is at the core of all marketing efforts. A strong Hispanic digital agency will have a deep understanding of the Hispanic consumer and what cultural nuances exist that drive online choices and behaviors. Hispanic digital agencies that have Hispanic personnel on their team is also a plus.

2. Digital Marketing Expertise
It’s important that the Hispanic digital agency you choose has their finger on the pulse of digital marketing in general and specifically Hispanic digital marketing. The agency should be abreast of all of the latest digital marketing trends and tools and intimately understand what tactics are driving the Hispanic online behavior; where Hispanics are spending time online, what targeting options are available through digital media, and what creative is moving the Hispanic market.

3. Hispanic Creative that Goes Beyond Translation
Simple translations are not enough to connect with today’s Hispanic digital consumer. The content and creative that a Hispanic digital agency produces must connect with Hispanic consumers in order to drive results regardless of language. Best in class Hispanic digital agencies are skilled at developing creative based on solid Hispanic insights that connects at the emotional level.

4. Relevant Hispanic Digital Case Studies
The proof is in the pudding. The best way to judge an agency’s ability to successfully reach online Hispanics is through their former and existing clients. An analysis of an agency’s Hispanic focused case studies, clients, and creative examples is one of the best ways to judge their viability.

Use these tips to kick off the vetting process and help you find the right Hispanic digital agency for your brand.

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